402, 2023

Developing and Harnessing Your Intuition

By |February 4, 2023|Categories: Coach Development|

In a previous article called Science and Art of Coaching, I shared a model by Michael Grinder that inspired the name of our ICF accredited coaching education programme. In his model, Michael shares how, as we develop, we initially focus on the “science” or technique of what we are learning. In this phase, we are seeking to become knowledgeable, confident, and proficient at knowing “what” to do and “how”. ...

2901, 2023

Working with a Steam of Consciousness

By |January 29, 2023|Categories: Coach Development|

The question: “What do I do with clients who talk a lot?” is quite common in both Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision conversations. In this blog, I will take a look at various aspects of this question and how we can most effectively engage with a verbose client. First be Curious and seek to Understand The first thing to do, is not a ‘do’ at all, it’s a ‘be’! ...

212, 2022

Practise, Practise, Practise

By |December 2, 2022|Categories: Coach Development|

Here are a couple of big questions: Do you have a ‘live’ Coaching Practice and are you practising coaching regularly? If you are not practising your coaching regularly, how are you keeping fit for purpose? If you are practising regularly, are you getting feedback on your coaching to ensure you haven’t slipped into any poor habits. Either way it’s so important that we use our skills. The adage ‘use ...

911, 2022

Working in the “Grey Space”

By |November 9, 2022|Categories: Coach Development|

What is the Grey Space? There has always been a boundary that coaches navigate between coaching and counselling or therapy, or indeed other professional services such as consultancy or mentoring. Knowing how to effectively manage that boundary is important for ensuring that a client is in fact receiving the most suitable, appropriate, and helpful professional service given their wants, needs and circumstances etc. However, whilst this boundary has always ...

2909, 2022

Acknowledge and Celebrate

By |September 29, 2022|Categories: Coach Development|

Often one of the things that people say coaching is about, is that its  providing ‘feedback’ to our clients. How I like to characterise that is that feedback is like holding a mirror up to our client, in support of them, to see what perhaps we and others see in them that they may not see themselves… Sometimes, and perhaps many times, we don’t always see our strengths and ...

609, 2022

Carl’s Story

By |September 6, 2022|Categories: Coach Development, Testimonial|

Carl Huelin is a men's coach from Jersey, Channel Islands. His company, The Rebooted Man, is a play on his journey—starting in the corporate world and over the past few years transforming his own life and seeing the need to help other men live their lives more powerfully. Carl is passionate about helping men prioritize themselves. He says, "I feel like if they can show up for ...

309, 2022

Reflective Practice

By |September 3, 2022|Categories: Coach Development|

The term ‘Reflective Practice” is being increasingly used in the context of coaching and is explicitly referenced in ICF Core Competency 2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset: “Develops an ongoing reflective practice to enhance one’s coaching”. Learning to reflect in order to improve one’s own practice is perceived as important across a range of professions, from teaching to counselling, and from management to clinical work. Knowing the self and managing ...

2607, 2022

Cultivating Creativity

By |July 26, 2022|Categories: Coach Development|

Just recently I noticed, in different conversations, people talking about the need to be creative and how difficult it was to find the time and space to be creative. The conversations were around various topics such as creating new products, creating a website, business development etc. I became curious to explore what it takes to find the time and space to be creative. I also wondered how that might ...

107, 2022

Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional

By |July 1, 2022|Categories: Coach Development|

“In life, we can’t always control the first arrow. However, the second arrow is our reaction to the first. The second arrow is optional” The Buddha This Buddhist parable explains that life sometimes presents us with situations, events, and circumstances that create pain for us. They are some of life’s inevitable arrows that come our way… misfortune, accidents, loss, separation, illness, bereavement, etc. However anytime this happens, there is ...

606, 2022

Creating Motivation from the Inside Out

By |June 6, 2022|Categories: Coach Development, Uncategorized|

This month we have a guest blogger which is all about how to create and build motivation. He uses the analogy of building a fire, something he was taught by his father as a child.  As coaches, we can often come across clients who want to achieve big goals and sometimes struggle with ‘just’ getting started, ‘just’ doing it, and often it can come down to beliefs, confidence, and ...

2205, 2022

Coaching for Students and Young People

By |May 22, 2022|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Empowering Students through Coaching The end of the Spring term at our school is marked clearly by one notorious event. Staff and students gather at a theatre in Prague and take their seats with high anticipation, for neither the audience nor the performers themselves can be certain of what is about to occur. The Cultural Olympiad is a smorgasbord of drama, music, art, film, comedy and dance in which ...

2105, 2022

Coaching for Mental Health

By |May 21, 2022|Categories: Coaching in Organisations, Coaching with Conscience, Testimonial|

The Power of a Coached Mind “We become what we spend our time thinking about…” Proverbs 23:7 We all have a mind. If the brain is the hardware, the mind is the software. Our minds have the power to choose what we think about. It starts with “choice”. We can choose life-giving thoughts or toxic thoughts. What we decide to think about consciously or unconsciously will impact the outcome ...

2005, 2022

Coaching for Agility

By |May 20, 2022|Categories: Coach Development, Testimonial|

From SCRUM Master to Professional Coach Femi Odelusi, a SCRUM Master and Agile coach, found the world of professional coaching and hasn't looked back since. "I’m a people’s person and love making a difference in other people’s lives. Through interactions and the encounters of people, I have one motive, and that’s to leave people better off than when I met them." He credits the Science and Art of Coaching ...

1905, 2022

Coaching for Momentum

By |May 19, 2022|Categories: Testimonial|

Last year I took a break from my 20-year journalism career to start the book I'd always dreamed of writing. I had a premise that I loved and had been given great feedback about it from an already-successful author, so thought I was good to go. However, every time I sat down to write, nothing was happening and my motivation took a nosedive. It was then I had my first ...

1805, 2022

Coaching for Health

By |May 18, 2022|Categories: Coach Development, Coaching in Conversation|

Embracing New Horizons I have been a medical doctor for 36 years and NHS General Practitioner for 30 years. Through being a GP Appraiser and mentor, and having personal coaching from the NHS, I became interested in training to be a coach and was fortunate to be supported to undertake coach training with Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair in 2019. Having always been curious and interested in people's stories, ...

1705, 2022

Coaching for Organisations

By |May 17, 2022|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Making a difference to individuals, teams, and the whole organisation! One of the areas that coaching has seen enormous growth and implementation is in organisations. The benefit that individuals have seen from coaching has been extended to team coaching for amplified reach. Moreover, the fastest growing modality of coaching in recent years has been the use of good coaching skills by managers and leaders, thereby expanding the ripple of ...

1605, 2022

A Celebration of Coaching

By |May 16, 2022|Categories: Coach Development|

It’s International Coaching Week! This week we will be sharing inspiring stories around the power and impact of professional coaching and we hope you’ll follow along.  This year’s theme from the International Coaching Federation is “Reimagine the Future” and we have found that quite fitting given the events of the past few years. No one has gone untouched by the events of the pandemic and the rapid changes happening ...

205, 2022

Maximising Client Awareness, Insight, Learning and Growth

By |May 2, 2022|Categories: Coach Development|

What is the ultimate purpose of Coaching? The International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) definition of coaching describes the purpose as maximising the client’s personal and professional potential. Maximising our potential implies growth, and to leverage our growth we need to effectively apply our awareness, insight, and learning. Therefore, a key part of a coach’s role is to partner with clients in support of them becoming more aware, to have insights ...

404, 2022


By |April 4, 2022|Categories: Coach Development|

A Key Strength and Skill for Any Coach Recently, a mentee shared a poem that really resonated with me. It came from Chris Guillebeau’s blog which included the author’s thinking on the meaning of the poem. The poem is from a 14th Century Sufi Poet called Hafiz and, as Chris states, it really illustrates the concept of empowerment. The Small Man Builds Cages For Everyone  The small man Builds ...

2103, 2022

Enabling and Empowering High Performance

By |March 21, 2022|Categories: Testimonial|

Andra Tocaciu is a Romanian living and working in Luxembourg. She is an accredited organisational psychologist and L&D Manager and has been fortunate to be with an organisation that supports learning and development. In fact, it was Andra's manager who recommended Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair's coach training programmes. "I had a knowledge of coaching from my psychology degrees and had been using it as part of my work ...

1403, 2022

Trust the Process

By |March 14, 2022|Categories: Coach Development|

The term “trust the process” is one that is often heard within the sphere of coaching, in fact I have used it myself when teaching coaching skills, along with other related terms such as “trust yourself, trust your client…trust the process”. In all honesty, when it was first said to me as a student of coaching, I didn’t quite understand it as I was still so fixed on trying ...

702, 2022

Mirror, Mirror…

By |February 7, 2022|Categories: Coach Development|

The art of reflective practice – for our work and for ourselves. When a new year begins, we often reflect on our last year and ponder on our future and coming year. At the start of 2020, my article New Starts-New Beginnings was on intentions for the coming year that also had the element of reflection in it. Interestingly, when you look at the definition of ‘to reflect’ or ...

3112, 2021

Cultivating Learning and Growth

By |December 31, 2021|Categories: Coach Development|

Coaching is a dialogue that is intended to facilitate forward movement in service of the client maximising their potential. Whilst taking next steps and actions after coaching sessions is important, so often a coaching conversation can become limited to a single focus on eliciting actions, which significantly limits the potential of coaching and I think also somewhat misses the point. As a Mentor Coach, when listening to coach recordings, ...

2811, 2021

Silence is Golden

By |November 28, 2021|Categories: Coach Development|

An often less used tool in a coach’s toolbox is the use of Silence. Let's take a moment to review the purpose and power of silence in coaching and indicate where it is embedded within the ICF Core Competencies. Maintains Presence (CC5) - one of the sub-competencies states: “Creates or allows space for silence, pause or reflection”. This is a more general ability, demonstrated across a coaching conversation as ...

1211, 2021

Coaching On and Off the Water

By |November 12, 2021|Categories: Coaching in Conversation, Testimonial|

"Don't underestimate the power coaching has to help your own personal development as well as those around you. Coaching has a huge amount of power and you can apply it in ways that you never would have even imagined." Lisa Dickinson, ACC, a Human Resources manager, not only uses coaching in her professional life, but has found the skills she learned through Tracy's coach training incredibly valuable in her ...

211, 2021

Let Go

By |November 2, 2021|Categories: Coach Development|

When we first start training and learning to become a coach, our focus, perhaps quite understandably, is on the learning, understanding and application of some of the relevant skills and competencies. We might call this the “doing of coaching”. Like when we learn any other new skill, getting to grips with the basics and the technical skills are an important part of the foundational process of our professional development. In ...

109, 2021

To Know or Not to Know? That is the Question.

By |September 1, 2021|Categories: Coach Development|

When and how can a coach offer insights or thinking without it turning into advice giving? Or without using their expertise? Here we will explore the concept of the coach demonstrating vulnerability—which often comes from being able to be comfortable with the idea of ‘not knowing’, especially, when offering insights and comments, not assuming them to be ‘the truth’. First, let's look at some of the sub-competencies that I ...

1508, 2021

Coaching is Integral to Society Thriving

By |August 15, 2021|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

The International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) vision is that coaching is an integral part of a thriving society and every ICF Member represents the highest quality of professional coaching. Given the global experiences of recent months, we could easily be forgiven for thinking that society is, in most cases, certainly not thriving. However, regardless of the many challenges people, organisations and communities have been facing, coaching as a profession is ...

3007, 2021

The Science and Art of Reflecting, Summarising and Paraphrasing

By |July 30, 2021|Categories: Coach Development|

Reflecting, summarising and paraphrasing in a coaching conversation is an important skill that a coach needs to learn. It’s not just the skill itself that is important, it can often be more about when to do it, and indeed ‘if’ to do it (the art) than what and how to do ‘it’ (the science). What I notice in early day coaches is that this skill is often overused in ...

1907, 2021

Making a Difference is Easier than You Think

By |July 19, 2021|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Before the pandemic, coaching was being very effectively and increasingly used as a powerful strategic resource for leaders and their development. Furthermore, a growing number of organisations started to explore how coaching skills and principles could be used to leverage a positive impact beyond individual leaders. Team Coaching is widely utilised to develop teams and a “coaching approach” is now being cited as an important ingredient to inform leadership ...

507, 2021

How Present Are You? Part 2

By |July 5, 2021|Categories: Coach Development|

In last month’s article, we looked at ‘Maintains Coaching Presence’, one of the eight ICF Core Competencies in the updated model that comes into effect later in 2021. We specifically explored the relationship between this and Competency 4 Cultivates Trust and Safety, the place, purpose and value of presence in coaching, and some of the psychological thinking that underpins this important element of coaching skill. In Part 2, we ...

2206, 2021

Post-Pandemic Leadership – you reap what you sow…

By |June 22, 2021|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

I am noticing a shift in the work being brought by my coaching clients recently. For over a year now, leaders have been focussing on how to navigate and effectively lead their teams or their organisations through the pandemic, whilst also facing many associated challenges such as virtual working, strained finances, and significantly increased stress as a result of the high levels of uncertainty, complexity and change. However, I ...

706, 2021

How Present Are You?

By |June 7, 2021|Categories: Coach Development|

Maintains Coaching Presence is one of the eight ICF Core Competencies in the updated model that comes into effect later in 2021. This is such a pivotal skill and quality that coaches bring to their practice with clients. I am sharing my thoughts on this topic in a 2-part series. In Part 1 below, I explore what presence is and its place, purpose and value in the coaching process. ...

1705, 2021

International Coaching Week – Is your Organisation on the Bus?

By |May 17, 2021|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

This week is International Coaching Week (ICW) and all over the world there are literally hundreds of events focussed on coaching. Some of them are professional development opportunities for professional coaches and managers and leaders using coaching skills; some are live demonstrations of coaching and others are presentations on the many beneficial aspects of coaching including its role as a strategic resource for organisations. The profession of coaching is ...

2804, 2021

Once Upon a Time: Storytelling in Coaching

By |April 28, 2021|Categories: Coach Development|

I recently had a supervision session with someone on the value and purpose, or not, of storytelling in coaching. Is it really coaching? It led me to thinking I would offer a blog on my perspectives and thoughts on story telling in coaching. I will look at the types of storytelling that could happen in coaching, what the purpose and value might be when offered by the client, or ...

  • Emotions in Coaching
504, 2021

Working with Feelings in Coaching

By |April 5, 2021|Categories: Coach Development|

We are feeling creatures that think, not thinking creatures that feel. The Gry-LaViolette (1981) scientific research, which integrated psychology and neurophysiology, articulated that feelings organise thoughts and that thoughts are filed in our memory bank according to the various “shades” of feelings associated with them. The conclusion of this work is that the mind, with its thoughts, is driven by those feelings. Each feeling is the cumulative derivative of ...

  • Coaching Leaders Through Uncertainty
1703, 2021

Coaching Leaders through Uncertainty

By |March 17, 2021|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

The Agile Centre is a leading provider of Agile consultancy, assessments, training and business services and I recently had the great pleasure to speak at one of their regular Meetups to talk about Coaching Leaders through Uncertainty. You can watch the full webinar here:  Here is an overview of the presentation: The Growth of Coaching In 2020, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) published its fourth ...

2502, 2021

A Picture Paints a 1000 Words: The Power of Metaphor

By |February 25, 2021|Categories: Coach Development|

Metaphor can be powerful in coaching. It is part of ICF Core Competency 7, Evoking Awareness, a competency that I often sense is least used and yet can bring powerful insight and new thinking more quickly. Let's explore what it is, why it is so useful in coaching and how coaches, and indeed anyone, might use metaphor to deepen awareness and facilitate insight. What is a metaphor? The word ...

1502, 2021

Are You Creating a Thinking Environment?

By |February 15, 2021|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Drawing upon coaching psychology to help leaders navigate the “new normal” This article draws upon the book, Becoming a Coach, authored by Tracy Sinclair and Jonathan Passmore and seeks to highlight the benefits and application of a particular coach approach and how it can be applied to leadership. Integrating coach approaches to leadership can be very valuable, especially when it comes to more successfully navigating times of challenge and ...

3101, 2021

Coaching Maturity: Our Philosophy

By |January 31, 2021|Categories: Coach Development|

As we have been planning programming for 2021, it's caused us to reflect upon our overarching philosophy and approach to coach development and maturity—which underpins and positions how and why these programmes have been created. Understanding our underlying philosophy will help you get to know us and how we work a little better and why we've structured our programmes the way we do. Our philosophy of Coach Maturity As ...

2501, 2021

Do We Have What it Takes?

By |January 25, 2021|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Day after day, I see a plethora of articles, blogs and podcasts sharing ideas and suggestions for how to navigate the pandemic and its multiple consequences. In fact, I have also offered a few of my own. However, the question I am sitting with is: how could we possibly know what to do? We have never in living memory experienced anything of the scale, magnitude and impact of this ...

301, 2021

Celebrate What Is Right With Your World

By |January 3, 2021|Categories: Coach Development|

Welcome to 2021! What a year 2020 has been. Last year I wrote about ‘New Starts and New Beginnings’ and this year I would still encourage you to do that exercise again, however, I felt this year I would also invite you to celebrate ... Celebrate what is right with your world! I have taken the phrase from a wonderful National Geographic photographer, Dewitt Jones (, who has an ...

2012, 2020

A New Kind of Leadership

By |December 20, 2020|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Well, this has certainly been a year to remember... so many challenges, so many changes... and so fast. In many ways, our world is almost unrecognisable compared to this time last year. We have new norms around how we work, where we work and what work we do – or not do, as the case may be. Organisations and professions are dying, and others are being born, almost overnight. ...

  • Coaching during Covid
612, 2020

Coaching During Covid: A Case Study

By |December 6, 2020|Categories: Coaching in Organisations, Coaching with Conscience|

Supporting frontline key worker with coaching Coaching with Conscience exists to have a positive impact on society and our environment through coaching. We believe that every organisation should have access to high-quality coaching, and we specialise in offering coaching and coaching related services in support of positive social impact and social progress. By mid-March 2020, the strain of dealing with COVID-19 on frontline key workers was already very ...

1711, 2020

Agile and ICF Coaching – A Perfect Marriage?

By |November 17, 2020|Categories: Coach Development, Coaching in Organisations|

Having noticed an increased in the number of Agile Coaches coming to my ICF-Accredited coach training programmes, I decided to do some exploration of these two professional paths to understand what appears to be an interesting and complementary relationship. What is Agile Coaching? The Agile Coaching Institute defines Agile Coaching as “a collaboration with people in a thought provoking and creative journey using coaching approaches with an agile mindset ...

3010, 2020

The Icing on the Coaching Cake

By |October 30, 2020|Categories: Coach Development|

Imagine eating a lovely piece of carrot cake with no icing. It’s a good, well-made cake. There is a thin filling of icing in the middle. When we finish eating, we are full, but are we satisfied? There is something missing… It’s a bit like that when we don’t have a really well-established session agreement (sometimes known as ‘contracting’). So, how do you make sure your coaching session is ...

2110, 2020

Great Coaching Conversations in Your Organisation

By |October 21, 2020|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

6 Key Skills “Organizations have embraced the practice of coaching to grow their human capital and advance their goals and mission. Managers and leaders who use the coach approach to management and leadership are better equipped to develop their team members’ value to their organizations, as well as influence their career paths” This quote from recent research conducted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)* confirms the ongoing development and ...

410, 2020

A Pathway for Growth

By |October 4, 2020|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

One of my favourite aspects of coaching psychology is the area of beliefs. I am fascinated by the concept of how several beliefs can cluster together around a core belief that seems to sit at the top of a hierarchy and yet is often hidden, nestled amongst those other supporting beliefs that seem almost to be seeking to hide and protect the central stem of that particular belief system. ...

2109, 2020

It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint

By |September 21, 2020|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Back at the beginning of 2020, one could have been forgiven for thinking that COVID-19 was a worrying and yet soon-to-pass experience. With multiple efforts, adjustments and changes to more or less every aspect of our lives, it started to appear as though we were turning a corner and getting control of the pandemic… As of today, various parts of the world are now preparing for or engaging with ...

609, 2020

We speak the same language… don’t we?

By |September 6, 2020|Categories: Coach Development|

As a coach, have you ever had a client look at you strangely or ask you to repeat a question? As a mentor, I listen to many coaching session recordings. Often in these situations, I notice that the ‘language’ the two people are using is not necessarily in synch. Let's take a look at the way we use language as coaches and where the ‘language of coaching’ may trip ...

2308, 2020

The Coach Approach

By |August 23, 2020|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Many organisations have adopted the practice of coaching to support the engagement, development and performance of their employees. According to research by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), 83% of organisations surveyed plan to extend the scope of their managers and leaders using coaching skills during the next five years (see references). With the use of coaching skills by managers and leaders now forming a significant sector of the field ...

308, 2020

An Introduction to the Updated ICF Core Competency Model

By |August 3, 2020|Categories: Coach Development|

Background The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the world’s largest organisation of professionally trained coaches, with members in more than 140 countries worldwide and over 30,000 credential holders across more than 125 countries. The organisation was first established in 1995 to provide a space for all coaches to support each other’s development and help expand the profession of coaching. The ICF has grown rapidly during the past two decades, ...

  • Becoming a Coach Book
2307, 2020

A New Book for Your Coach Development

By |July 23, 2020|Categories: Coach Development|

As you know, Hilary and I are both passionate about continuous growth and learning as coaches. Well, I will share more of my insights to help you mature as a coach in a forthcoming book co-written with psychologist and coach Jonathan Passmore. Becoming a Coach: The Essential ICF Guide is for a coach of any experience level. Not only does it provide a strong foundation for coaching basics and ...

  • Choosing Between Two Directions
607, 2020

The Power and Importance of Choice

By |July 6, 2020|Categories: Coach Development|

Choice: An act or the possibility of choosing between two or more options. Over the last few weeks, the word choice has been coming up for me and I wondered what it was saying to me. The reason it became so important during the last six weeks was that at the beginning of May, one day before my big birthday, I tripped on the Thames tow path and ended ...

  • Build Back Better
1506, 2020

Build Back Better

By |June 15, 2020|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

For the last few months, I've offered an invitation for individuals and organisations to carefully consider how they engage with and respond to the effects and implications of COVID-19 on their own lives and their organisations. Much of what I have read on this topic references terms such as: “post trauma” and “disaster recovery” and it doesn’t take much to see that this is a monumental experience for the ...

206, 2020

Embodying a Coaching Mindset

By |June 2, 2020|Categories: Coach Development|

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has introduced an updated Core Competency Model that comes into force in January 2021. The model sees the introduction of a brand-new competency: Embodies a Coaching Mindset. This addition underlines the need for coaches to consider how they are ‘being’ as well as what they are ‘doing’ when coaching. This blog will provide you with the details of this competency and will also give ...

1805, 2020

Will you create your new normal…or have it thrust upon you?

By |May 18, 2020|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

In last month’s post, I talked about leading towards the new normal and how the most effective leaders that I have been coaching all have one eye on dealing with getting through the current situation and the other eye firmly focused on the future. A key question they are contemplating is: How can I create the new normal and proactively design it rather than just wait for it to ...

  • Setting good habits during times of crisis
405, 2020

Habits and Routines During Times of Crisis

By |May 4, 2020|Categories: Coach Development|

Over the last four weeks, I have created and delivered several webinars for my clients’ employees and for small business managers and directors on "How to transition to working at home and stay sane!". I specifically used the phrase "working at home" rather than "working from home" as I see a significant difference between the two. When people normally work at an office, and have a "working from home" ...

1904, 2020

Business as Unusual

By |April 19, 2020|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Leadership stories from navigating the COVID-19 crisis One of my coaching clients said to me recently: “There’s no guidebook for how to lead during something like this”. Well, whilst there are some materials and theories for crisis leadership when an organisation is in crisis, they don’t seem to quite cover the scope of the global crisis we find ourselves in with COVID-19. The theme of most of my coaching ...

604, 2020

Coaching with Conscience – the New “Normal”

By |April 6, 2020|Categories: Coaching in Organisations, Coaching with Conscience|

About a year ago, I wrote an article called “Could coaching save the world?” where I shared observations of what I might now call “societal strain” and how I felt that coaching was so well placed to meet an important need in the world. Fast track to today, the world is already unrecognisable in so many ways as a result of COVID-19. Thousands of people have lost jobs, we ...

1603, 2020

Needs, Triggers, Change and Coaching Culture

By |March 16, 2020|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

How we respond or react to something often indicates a need that is either being or not being met. This is sometimes called Stimulus-Response theory. We may get triggered by something someone is doing or saying (a stimulus) which reminds us consciously or unconsciously of something (pleasant or painful, positive or negative) leading to our response. These triggers will have their origins in the past and sometimes in growing ...

203, 2020

ICF Code of Ethics Update

By |March 2, 2020|Categories: Coach Development|

View the ICF Code of Ethics Every 3-5 years the International Coaching Federation (ICF) reviews the Code of Ethics to ensure that they continue to be fit for purpose, modern and take into account the changing landscape of the coaching world. In addition, any complaints that have been received globally during the intervening years are reviewed to ensure that any ethical issues arising also were taken into account. Starting ...

302, 2020

The Science and the Art of Coaching

By |February 3, 2020|Categories: Coach Development|

Whilst we have the expression to describe the “art and science” of something, Michael Grinder (2007) proposes that in fact it is the science that usually comes first when we are learning a new skill. We are often drawn to the pursuit of mastery, actively seeking out the magic of the artistic coaching conversation. However, in reality, our growth and development as coaches usually means that we go through ...

  • Game Board
1901, 2020

How to Win the Game of Developing Coaching Culture

By |January 19, 2020|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Developing a coaching culture can sometimes feel like a game of Snakes and Ladders. You take steps to implement coaching within the organisation, you experience some quick wins and feel like you are making progress and then you face an obstacle and it feels like to you have just taken three steps backwards. If not addressed, these obstacles can very easily sabotage your efforts. Often the benefits of coaching ...

601, 2020

New Starts – New Beginnings

By |January 6, 2020|Categories: Coach Development|

In addition to being a new year, we're also beginning a new decade. 2020 begs the question, "What clarity and vision do you have for the year ahead?" Each year I look ahead at what the coming year may bring for both my business and my life as a whole. I like to ask myself the following questions: What adventures would I like to go on? What experiences would ...

212, 2019

Professional Development?

By |December 2, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

The concept of professional development is one that is probably very familiar to us. We may apply this to ourselves, and also our work as coaches may be in direct relation to the professional development of our clients. In the context of today’s environment, terms like “digital revolution”, “4th industrial revolution” and “VUCA” (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) are now heard almost daily. Alongside this, we may find ourselves ...

1111, 2019

Models of Excellence: Case Studies

By |November 11, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

PART 8: COACHING CULTURE SERIES As we wrap up the Coaching Culture Series, I am going to share with you examples of what some organisations have implemented towards fully utilising coaching as a powerful resource within their organisations. One of these examples is a case study developed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to highlight last year’s ICF’s International Prism Award winner. I’ll also share some examples from my ...

311, 2019

Are You an ASS or an OWL?

By |November 3, 2019|Categories: Coach Development|

Listening to audios of coaches, coaching and also teaching and mentoring around the ICF Core Competencies, I’ve noticed how often an assumption is made in terms of what is being said and what is being heard. How often do we hear what someone says and assume what they mean? Have you noticed yourself in a conversation, be it a coaching conversation or just with friends, when you feel you ...

  • 5 Stars
2810, 2019

A Model of Excellence

By |October 28, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

PART 7: COACHING CULTURE SERIES Up to this point, we’ve helped you better understand coaching culture, walked through key principles and first steps, looked at approaches and strategies, discussed the importance of measuring ROI and establishing sustainability for your programme. As we start to wrap up this series, I’ll be sharing examples of excellence. I hope these will provide practical ideas on how to create your own strategy for ...

2110, 2019

Building a Sustainable Coaching Culture Strategy

By |October 21, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

PART 6: COACHING CULTURE SERIES In this Coaching Culture series, we have now covered the main building blocks for establishing the foundations of a coaching culture in your organisation and how you can fully utilise coaching as a strategic resource. We now turn our attention to how you can not only sustain, but also enhance the impact that coaching can have over time. Here are some of the ways ...

1410, 2019

Coaching Culture: Measuring Progress and Success

By |October 14, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

PART 5: COACHING CULTURE SERIES Now that we’ve covered multiple approaches and strategies for how to introduce coaching skills and coaching related activities into your organisation, it’s time to consider measurement. How do you know that coaching is making a positive difference? Several years ago, while working as a continuous process improvement consultant, our mantra was to measure what’s important, not just what’s measurable. This principle most certainly applies ...

610, 2019

Coaching Across The Career

By |October 6, 2019|Categories: Coach Development|

Coaching has seen several changes over time in terms of how, by whom and for whom it is used. There was a time when coaching was for the few, and now it is much more for the many, becoming a widely accepted and utilised tool for the development of employees at all levels. However, coaching has not typically been viewed as requiring a different method or approach based on ...

  • Coaching Culture Strategy
3009, 2019

Building a Coaching Culture: Approaches and Strategies

By |September 30, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

PART 4: COACHING CULTURE SERIES In this series so far, we have looked at how to define a coaching culture, some of the key principles that underpin strong coaching cultures and three initial key steps to get started. Now, we will look at some practical approaches and strategies you can use to introduce, and begin benefiting from, coaching within your organisation. Before that, a brief word of advice on ...

2309, 2019

Starting to Build Coaching Culture: First Steps

By |September 23, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

PART 3: COACHING CULTURE SERIES Now that you have had time to consider the three key principles to coaching culture, let’s look at the first steps to put this into action. Step One: Be clear about your vision of success. What are your criteria, goals and aspirations for a high-performance coaching culture in your organisation? What does that mean for you? What might be some characteristics of such a ...

1509, 2019

Starting to Build Coaching Culture: Key Principles

By |September 15, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

PART 2: COACHING CULTURE SERIES The term “coaching culture” is being heard more and more within organisations, especially those that want to move from using coaching as a development resource for 1-1 and 1-team interventions to leverage coaching as a strategic resource at an organisational or systemic level. While this might be an appealing idea, some organisations don’t always know exactly what is meant by coaching culture or what ...

  • Coach Community
209, 2019

The Importance of Building Community as a Coach

By |September 2, 2019|Categories: Coach Development|

Community is defined as, “the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.” We all need some of that, don’t we? Coaching can be a very lonely business. Many coaches run their own solo coaching practice. For internal coaches, they cannot readily talk with others in their organization about their work. This leaves coaches feeling isolated and alone, but it doesn’t have to be that way! ...

  • Save the World through Coaching
3008, 2019

Could Coaching Save the World?

By |August 30, 2019|Categories: Coach Development|

I listened to a radio programme the other day about “professional depression,” this caught my attention and I stayed tuned… The programme’s key message was that peoples’ professional lives are increasingly leading to depression. Several examples were shared where professionals are working in organisations and/or environments that lead to significant emotional and psychological disharmony. This can be described as cognitive dissonance, where a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or ...

  • Coaching Culture
1808, 2019

Defining Coaching Culture

By |August 18, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

PART 1: COACHING CULTURE SERIES First of all, this is not the Ministry of Coaching, and I am not an evangelist. However, I do know that coaching as a resource is pivotal to the success of your organisation. It doesn’t matter how big or small, what sector or industry you are in or where you are located — coaching is something that will help advance the performance of your ...

1407, 2019

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Intelligent Change

By |July 14, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Earlier, I shared these five important pitfalls to avoid when building a coaching culture in your organisation: Anti-role modelling Let’s take it all in-house Keep it clean One size fits all Not every conversation needs to be a coaching conversation Now that you’re aware of the pitfalls, here is some insight on how to avoid them. A few years ago, a very successful businessman said, “Don’t be afraid to ...

2906, 2019

Where Does Supervision Fit Into Coaching?

By |June 29, 2019|Categories: Coach Development|

My philosophy of coach supervision can best be explained using the analogy of advanced driver training. Once we’ve obtained our driver’s license (we’ve taken lessons and passed the test), we can go many years without ever having our driving examined. That is, of course, unless we (knowingly or unknowingly) break the law. Advanced training allows drivers to improve, update and check in on how their driving is doing. It ...

1006, 2019

Five Pitfalls to Avoid When Building an Organisational Coaching Culture

By |June 10, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Coaching has seen exponential growth in recent years and has transitioned from being a 1-1 intervention, to a 1-many intervention and then to a systemic intervention. Organisations are rapidly becoming aware of the benefits of coaching as a highly effective vehicle for development, engagement, change management and enhanced performance. Several organisations are also now at the stage where they are successfully using coaching: its competencies, principles and philosophies to ...

  • Building Coaching Culture
405, 2019

Building Coaching Cultures with Millennials and Millennial Leaders

By |May 4, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Organisations today who ignore the needs of Millennials and the next generation (known commonly as Gen Z) do so at their peril. Where does the Millennial generation fit in terms of age? Generation Z: Born 1997-99 Young Millennials: Born 1993-96 Core Millennials: Born 1987-92 Mature Millennials: Born 1982-86 Generation X: Born 1965-81 Baby Boomers: Born 1946-64 In 2011, PwC embarked on a two-year study looking at the future impact ...

3103, 2019

Is Your Organisation Missing Out?

By |March 31, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Coaching is still a relatively young profession and is certainly still evolving and developing with regards to its definition and how it is being used and leveraged to give rise to significant benefits at many levels. What is also certain is the speed at which coaching is growing. Coaching has very quickly transitioned from being a 1-1 intervention to a 1-many intervention and is being extensively deployed now to ...

1803, 2019

9 Ways Coaching Can Benefit You

By |March 18, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Even though coaching is becoming so much more widespread, acknowledged, accepted and used as a way of achieving goals, addressing challenges and developing ourselves personally and professionally, I still notice some people not truly understanding when it can help them. In some of the research I read, one of the reasons people say they would not engage in coaching is because it is not relevant for them at this ...

303, 2019

Coaching is a soft skill … Is it?

By |March 3, 2019|Categories: Coach Development|

How many times do we hear that coaching is a ‘soft’ skill? Indeed, many personal development training is often categorized as ‘soft’ skills. If you dig deeper into those ‘soft’ skills, many of them are about people. People’s interactions with others and people’s interactions with themselves. Yet ask managers or any leader what is the most challenging part of their role, and the answer is often—dealing with others! When ...

401, 2019

Are you ready?

By |January 4, 2019|Categories: Coaching in Organisations|

Would you like the good news or the bad news first? Well, let’s get the “bad” news out of the way first … The new world of work is being accelerated by technology at a phenomenal rate and the way we work is changing forever. We currently have four generations in the workforce and they all think and operate differently. Jobs are changing, new jobs are emerging (65% of ...





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