The International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) vision is that coaching is an integral part of a thriving society and every ICF Member represents the highest quality of professional coaching. Given the global experiences of recent months, we could easily be forgiven for thinking that society is, in most cases, certainly not thriving. However, regardless of the many challenges people, organisations and communities have been facing, coaching as a profession is steadily growing. In fact, it is growing significantly, and it is quite possible that the presence of such challenges has enabled coaching to truly come into its own.

I am reminded of a story I heard at a conference some years ago which inspired me to become a coach. One of the leading figures in the field at the time, was giving a keynote speech and said that coaching was not invented by a group of bored people in a coffee shop one day. He believed that coaching was created and emerged as a way of communicating in order to meet a need in the world. Well, we certainly have the need…

Membership of the ICF grows month-on-month, more and more coach training programmes are seeking ICF Accreditation, more and more coaches are seeking an ICF Credential and more and more organisations are asking for ICF Coaches. Alongside this growth, and despite the challenges that 2020 brought, ICF unveiled a new name and new structure in order to more effectively achieve its vision.

ICF has just released its 2020 Annual Report. Inside you will see many examples of how coaching is supporting and advancing people, teams, organisations and communities. Some of these activities and benefits could be available to you and your organization in service of supporting you to Build Back Better in 2022! Here are a few highlights from the report and some ideas to offer food for thought for how coaching could be an integral part of your thriving organisation…

Responding to a Global Crisis

ICF made several adjustments to its operation during 2020 and 2021 to make life a little easier for members and provide support when needed.

How might your organisation use coaching to make life a little easier for your staff as they come out of lockdown restrictions and return to work?

Finding Strength in Community

During 2020, ICF Professional Coaches held their Global Leaders Forum as well as International Coaching Week which were really successful ways to bring the coaching community together to share, support, learn and celebrate.

At Coach Advancement, we hold regular Coaching Clinics for our valued alumni community to provide a safe, friendly, supportive and developmental space together.

How might your organisation use coaching to bring groups and teams together to explore ways of getting your organisation off to its best start this autumn?

Expanding Opportunities for Credibility 

In 2020 ICF Credentials and Standards announced its updated Core Competency Model and some of the associated assessment procedures after two years of in-depth research and analysis into how the profession of coaching and the skills needed from a coach in today’s world are evolving.

At Coach Advancement, we support many coaches every year with our Mentor Coaching Group Programme which prepares them to successfully apply for their ICF Credential.

How might your organisation use coaching related activities to help your managers and leaders reflect upon and develop their skills for greater credibility and impact?

Supporting Success through New Initiatives  

ICF Coach Training has provided a useful guide to accredited coach training schools to help them integrate the updated core competency model into their curriculum. Moreover, they have produced an incredible resource in support of diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice and belonging.

Coach Advancement launched its Coaching with Conscience initiative in 2020, aimed specifically at offering high quality coaching and coaching related services in support of positive social impact and social progress. We have also trained many internal and external coaches with our ICF Accredited coach-specific programme who are now out in the field offering their services to support the growth and development of others.

How might your organisation use coaching to support leaders in creating the very best ‘new normal’ possible for your organisation?

Rising to the Challenge 

ICF Coaching in Organisations was created in 2020 and spent last year researching, surveying and analysing the needs and challenges faced by organisations and how coaching can specifically support them. Their offering was officially launched in January 2021.

At Coach Advancement we have worked with several organisations helping them to develop their internal coaching capability with our accredited programmes. We have also enabled managers and leaders to develop great coaching skills as part of their leadership skillset alongside 1-1 and group coaching packages.

How might your organisation positively inform culture, engagement and performance through the coaching services of your own internal coaches and managers and leaders with great coaching skills?

Recognising the Helpers

ICF Foundation continues its amazing work through initiatives such as Ignite and the Gift of Coaching Collective.

At Coach Advancement, our Coaching with Conscience initiative included offering coaching to frontline key-workers for Mind, the UK’s leading mental health charity, to try and make life a little easier for their staff who were doing everything possible to support those in the community with mental health challenges during the pandemic and lockdown.

How might your organisation use coaching to make a positive contribution to society or your local community?

Envisioning a Sustainable Future

ICF Thought Leadership has created 5 thematic pillars as part of its framework for a sustainable future.

At Coach Advancement, we continue to develop an offering to young people and young leaders from the 18-25-year group in service of supporting them to feel most equipped to assume the important roles needed to lead us through this crisis and into a better future.

How might coaching and coach training also support the young and aspiring leaders in your organisation to be successful?

Lao Tzu said: “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”. The last few months have seen a lot of pain for many people and organisations. Coaching can be a most valuable resource to help bring one phase to an end and invite the best possible beginning for a new phase for your people and your organisation.

Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair supports organisations to develop the potential of their people through coaching, coaching skills and coaching culture. Our Coaching with Conscience services specialise in offering coaching and coaching related services in support of positive social impact and social progress.

Tracy Sinclair, MCC

Tracy Sinclair, MCC is co-founder and CEO of Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair. She co-authored Becoming a Coach: The Essential ICF Guide (2020) and hosts the Coaching in Conversation podcast. In 2020, she founded Coaching with Conscience to have a positive impact on society and our environment through coaching.

Tracy is dedicated to the development of the coaching profession and the coaching community and has served in both local and global boards and workgroups for the International Coaching Federation. She was awarded an ICF Coaching Impact Award for Distinguished Coach in 2023, named one of the Leading Global Coaches of the Thinkers50 Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Awards (2019, 2021), and was a finalist for the Thinkers50 Coaching and Mentoring Award (2021). She is also a member of the Marshall Goldsmith 100Coaches and a trained coaching supervisor, mentor coach and ICF assessor.

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