• Emotions in Coaching

Working with Feelings in Coaching


We are feeling creatures that think, not thinking creatures that feel. The Gry-LaViolette (1981) scientific research, which integrated psychology and neurophysiology, articulated that feelings organise thoughts and that thoughts are filed in our memory bank according to the various “shades” of feelings associated with them. The conclusion of this work is that the mind, with its thoughts, is driven by those feelings. Each feeling is the cumulative derivative of many thousands of thoughts and each time the feeling is felt, it can trigger a multitude of thoughts, time after time after time, potentially for many years or even throughout our ...

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A Picture Paints a 1000 Words: The Power of Metaphor


Metaphor can be powerful in coaching. It is part of ICF Core Competency 7, Evoking Awareness, a competency that I often sense is least used and yet can bring powerful insight and new thinking more quickly. Let's explore what it is, why it is so useful in coaching and how coaches, and indeed anyone, might use metaphor to deepen awareness and facilitate insight. What is a metaphor? The word metaphor means “to carry over”. A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily means one thing can also relate to something else and therefore ...

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Coaching Maturity: Our Philosophy


As we have been planning programming for 2021, it's caused us to reflect upon our overarching philosophy and approach to coach development and maturity—which underpins and positions how and why these programmes have been created. Understanding our underlying philosophy will help you get to know us and how we work a little better and why we've structured our programmes the way we do. Our philosophy of Coach Maturity As you may know, a coach needs to have at least 125-hours of coach-specific training to be eligible to apply for an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential. Some ...

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Celebrate What Is Right With Your World


Welcome to 2021! What a year 2020 has been. Last year I wrote about ‘New Starts and New Beginnings’ and this year I would still encourage you to do that exercise again, however, I felt this year I would also invite you to celebrate ... Celebrate what is right with your world! I have taken the phrase from a wonderful National Geographic photographer, Dewitt Jones (www.dewittjones.com), who has an amazing Ted talk and I would encourage you, as you start to think about next year and the years ahead, to watch the Ted Talk .The essence for me of his ...

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Agile and ICF Coaching – A Perfect Marriage?


Having noticed an increased in the number of Agile Coaches coming to my ICF-Accredited coach training programmes, I decided to do some exploration of these two professional paths to understand what appears to be an interesting and complementary relationship. What is Agile Coaching? The Agile Coaching Institute defines Agile Coaching as “a collaboration with people in a thought provoking and creative journey using coaching approaches with an agile mindset and principles to help individuals, teams and organizations be the best they can be”. Interestingly, this aligns well with the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) definition that “coaching is partnering with clients ...

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The Icing on the Coaching Cake


Imagine eating a lovely piece of carrot cake with no icing. It’s a good, well-made cake. There is a thin filling of icing in the middle. When we finish eating, we are full, but are we satisfied? There is something missing… It’s a bit like that when we don’t have a really well-established session agreement (sometimes known as ‘contracting’). So, how do you make sure your coaching session is like eating the best carrot cake you have ever had? What I am noticing is that there is some misunderstanding about what the ICF Core Competencies or the PCC Markers actually ...

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We speak the same language… don’t we?


As a coach, have you ever had a client look at you strangely or ask you to repeat a question? As a mentor, I listen to many coaching session recordings. Often in these situations, I notice that the ‘language’ the two people are using is not necessarily in synch. Let's take a look at the way we use language as coaches and where the ‘language of coaching’ may trip us up as we work with our clients. Language, in both its written and spoken form, is used for many different reasons. Its primary use is to be informative, expressive, and ...

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An Introduction to the Updated ICF Core Competency Model


Background The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the world’s largest organisation of professionally trained coaches, with members in more than 140 countries worldwide and over 30,000 credential holders across more than 125 countries. The organisation was first established in 1995 to provide a space for all coaches to support each other’s development and help expand the profession of coaching. The ICF has grown rapidly during the past two decades, reflecting the development of coaching and its professionalisation. The ICF launched a single credential of Master Certified Coach (MCC), the first 34 of which were awarded in 1998. The following year, ...

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  • Becoming a Coach Book

A New Book for Your Coach Development


As you know, Hilary and I are both passionate about continuous growth and learning as coaches. Well, I will share more of my insights to help you mature as a coach in a forthcoming book co-written with psychologist and coach Jonathan Passmore. Becoming a Coach: The Essential ICF Guide is for a coach of any experience level. Not only does it provide a strong foundation for coaching basics and standards, but it also takes you deeper into the art and science of coaching. And, for those of you craving more on the updated ICF Core Competencies model, this book delivers. ...

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  • Choosing Between Two Directions

The Power and Importance of Choice


Choice: An act or the possibility of choosing between two or more options. Over the last few weeks, the word choice has been coming up for me and I wondered what it was saying to me. The reason it became so important during the last six weeks was that at the beginning of May, one day before my big birthday, I tripped on the Thames tow path and ended up breaking my left arm (the humerus bone). Having got back home from the Accident and Emergency dept., I had some immediate life choices to make about how to manage this ...

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