Acknowledge and Celebrate


Often one of the things that people say coaching is about, is that its  providing ‘feedback’ to our clients. How I like to characterise that is that feedback is like holding a mirror up to our client, in support of them, to see what perhaps we and others see in them that they may not see themselves… Sometimes, and perhaps many times, we don’t always see our strengths and attributes that make us who we are. By holding up that mirror and offering feedback through an acknowledgement, we are in my belief, acknowledging the person and celebrating who they are ...

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Carl’s Story


Carl Huelin is a men's coach from Jersey, Channel Islands. His company, The Rebooted Man, is a play on his journey—starting in the corporate world and over the past few years transforming his own life and seeing the need to help other men live their lives more powerfully. Carl is passionate about helping men prioritize themselves. He says, "I feel like if they can show up for themselves more powerfully, they can certainly show up for their family and friends in a much better way." When the opportunity to complete coach training in Jersey with Coach Advancement came up in ...

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Reflective Practice


The term ‘Reflective Practice” is being increasingly used in the context of coaching and is explicitly referenced in ICF Core Competency 2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset: “Develops an ongoing reflective practice to enhance one’s coaching”. Learning to reflect in order to improve one’s own practice is perceived as important across a range of professions, from teaching to counselling, and from management to clinical work. Knowing the self and managing the self are key skills for every coach. This self-awareness enables us to be in best service of our clients. In this article we consider what reflective practice is, why it ...

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Cultivating Creativity


Just recently I noticed, in different conversations, people talking about the need to be creative and how difficult it was to find the time and space to be creative. The conversations were around various topics such as creating new products, creating a website, business development etc. I became curious to explore what it takes to find the time and space to be creative. I also wondered how that might link to how we coach our clients. Do we allow them the space and time to be creative? In this blog I am going to look at : What do we ...

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Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional


“In life, we can’t always control the first arrow. However, the second arrow is our reaction to the first. The second arrow is optional” The Buddha This Buddhist parable explains that life sometimes presents us with situations, events, and circumstances that create pain for us. They are some of life’s inevitable arrows that come our way… misfortune, accidents, loss, separation, illness, bereavement, etc. However anytime this happens, there is also a second arrow that comes along with the first one – and that one is even more painful! The second arrow is our reaction to the first one. Whilst we ...

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Creating Motivation from the Inside Out


This month we have a guest blogger which is all about how to create and build motivation. He uses the analogy of building a fire, something he was taught by his father as a child.  As coaches, we can often come across clients who want to achieve big goals and sometimes struggle with ‘just’ getting started, ‘just’ doing it, and often it can come down to beliefs, confidence, and of course motivation. As you read Luke’s blog, the question to ask yourself might be, how do we as coaches support our clients to be able to build and light their ...

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Coaching for Agility


From SCRUM Master to Professional Coach Femi Odelusi, a SCRUM Master and Agile coach, found the world of professional coaching and hasn't looked back since. "I’m a people’s person and love making a difference in other people’s lives. Through interactions and the encounters of people, I have one motive, and that’s to leave people better off than when I met them." He credits the Science and Art of Coaching programme for drilling "a lot of discipline and ethical ways of behaviour and values. It enabled me to actually deepen my self-drive to bring out the best in everyone that I ...

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Coaching for Health


Embracing New Horizons I have been a medical doctor for 36 years and NHS General Practitioner for 30 years. Through being a GP Appraiser and mentor, and having personal coaching from the NHS, I became interested in training to be a coach and was fortunate to be supported to undertake coach training with Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair in 2019. Having always been curious and interested in people's stories, this seemed like a natural progression of my skills. I had always thought of my myself as empathetic, a good listener, and keen to help others move forwards with their issues. ...

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A Celebration of Coaching


It’s International Coaching Week! This week we will be sharing inspiring stories around the power and impact of professional coaching and we hope you’ll follow along.  This year’s theme from the International Coaching Federation is “Reimagine the Future” and we have found that quite fitting given the events of the past few years. No one has gone untouched by the events of the pandemic and the rapid changes happening around the globe. Never before has there been a better time to be coached or to become a coach.  At Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair, we are excited to share with ...

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Maximising Client Awareness, Insight, Learning and Growth


What is the ultimate purpose of Coaching? The International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) definition of coaching describes the purpose as maximising the client’s personal and professional potential. Maximising our potential implies growth, and to leverage our growth we need to effectively apply our awareness, insight, and learning. Therefore, a key part of a coach’s role is to partner with clients in support of them becoming more aware, to have insights that lead them to learn new things, which, when applied through appropriate action, results in growth and development…and them fulfilling their potential!   The ICF Core Competencies are defined and described ...

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