Great Coaching Conversations in Your Organisation


6 Key Skills “Organizations have embraced the practice of coaching to grow their human capital and advance their goals and mission. Managers and leaders who use the coach approach to management and leadership are better equipped to develop their team members’ value to their organizations, as well as influence their career paths” This quote from recent research conducted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)* confirms the ongoing development and application of coaching skills and a coach approach within organisations. This important “muscle” within the leadership skillset is gradually becoming more mainstream as organisations increasingly realise and experience the benefits of ...

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A Pathway for Growth


One of my favourite aspects of coaching psychology is the area of beliefs. I am fascinated by the concept of how several beliefs can cluster together around a core belief that seems to sit at the top of a hierarchy and yet is often hidden, nestled amongst those other supporting beliefs that seem almost to be seeking to hide and protect the central stem of that particular belief system. So often, the work can focus on changing some of those peripheral, supporting beliefs and yet this invariably leads only to short term change, because the core belief stays intact and ...

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It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint


Back at the beginning of 2020, one could have been forgiven for thinking that COVID-19 was a worrying and yet soon-to-pass experience. With multiple efforts, adjustments and changes to more or less every aspect of our lives, it started to appear as though we were turning a corner and getting control of the pandemic… As of today, various parts of the world are now preparing for or engaging with the ‘second wave’, another potentially tidal avalanche of cases, deaths and all of the associated social, physical, psychological and economic implications that it brings. Some say it may even worse that ...

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The Coach Approach


Many organisations have adopted the practice of coaching to support the engagement, development and performance of their employees. According to research by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), 83% of organisations surveyed plan to extend the scope of their managers and leaders using coaching skills during the next five years (see references). With the use of coaching skills by managers and leaders now forming a significant sector of the field of coaching, this marks an interesting trend pointing toward a more sustained and mainstream shift in the focus of leadership development and the range of skills expected from leaders today and ...

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  • Build Back Better

Build Back Better


For the last few months, I've offered an invitation for individuals and organisations to carefully consider how they engage with and respond to the effects and implications of COVID-19 on their own lives and their organisations. Much of what I have read on this topic references terms such as: “post trauma” and “disaster recovery” and it doesn’t take much to see that this is a monumental experience for the whole of society and the human race across the globe. The approach that I’d like to share in this blog is that of “Build Back Better” (BBB). The concept of BBB ...

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Will you create your new normal…or have it thrust upon you?


In last month’s post, I talked about leading towards the new normal and how the most effective leaders that I have been coaching all have one eye on dealing with getting through the current situation and the other eye firmly focused on the future. A key question they are contemplating is: How can I create the new normal and proactively design it rather than just wait for it to unfold and potentially be thrust upon me? Today, I'm further exploring the leadership philosophy of duality and the simultaneous focus on two equally challenging goals. My interest was triggered by a ...

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Business as Unusual


Leadership stories from navigating the COVID-19 crisis One of my coaching clients said to me recently: “There’s no guidebook for how to lead during something like this”. Well, whilst there are some materials and theories for crisis leadership when an organisation is in crisis, they don’t seem to quite cover the scope of the global crisis we find ourselves in with COVID-19. The theme of most of my coaching client work has been the same during this last month: how can I lead most effectively during this challenging time? What I noticed is that majority of the senior leaders I ...

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Coaching with Conscience – the New “Normal”


About a year ago, I wrote an article called “Could coaching save the world?” where I shared observations of what I might now call “societal strain” and how I felt that coaching was so well placed to meet an important need in the world. Fast track to today, the world is already unrecognisable in so many ways as a result of COVID-19. Thousands of people have lost jobs, we have a supply and demand chain crisis which may catapult us into one of the biggest global recessions we have ever experienced, vast numbers of our populations across the globe are ...

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Needs, Triggers, Change and Coaching Culture


How we respond or react to something often indicates a need that is either being or not being met. This is sometimes called Stimulus-Response theory. We may get triggered by something someone is doing or saying (a stimulus) which reminds us consciously or unconsciously of something (pleasant or painful, positive or negative) leading to our response. These triggers will have their origins in the past and sometimes in growing up as children. Negative triggers can often result in a negative emotional reaction and behaviour and the opposite also applies. Managers and leaders, as part of their people management role, may ...

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How to Win the Game of Developing Coaching Culture


Developing a coaching culture can sometimes feel like a game of Snakes and Ladders. You take steps to implement coaching within the organisation, you experience some quick wins and feel like you are making progress and then you face an obstacle and it feels like to you have just taken three steps backwards. If not addressed, these obstacles can very easily sabotage your efforts. Often the benefits of coaching are never fully realised because funding is cut before there is a real chance for success to be experienced. Here we will highlight some of these obstacles and offer suggestions on ...

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